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Geronimo Stilton: The race against time

I was going through my books to find one which I could finish in a short period, as this time around I did not have the luxury of time. I soon spotted a corner in my bookshelf which I thought had been set aside for the books already read and which I had not reached out to for a long time. This corner had Geronimo Stilton books, and as they are short reads (some are 300 pages long but half the pages are packed with images), I picked up 'The race against time'. It is a good idea to read some books again. It is written by Elisabetta Dami but her name is not written anywhere in the book. Its genre is adventure, and it is nearly 300 pages long, but as I told you, several pages are filled with pictures. It was first published in the year 2006.

So this is the plot- Geronimo's cousin Trap wants to be a scientist. He tests some of his experiments on Geronimo but they don't work the way Trap expects them to. They take help from Professor Von Volt, who has a time machine which he happily gives them with the purpose that they can time travel and learn from the great scientists of the past.

Geronimo and Trap make good use of the machine , but soon, after few adventures only, the machine starts malfunctioning. The boys are trapped in some time other than the present! Will Geronimo and his friends get back to the present?

The main characters in this book are Geronimo Stilton, the protagonist, and Thea, Trap, Benjamin, Professor Von Volt and Bugsy Wugsy, Geronimo's friends.

This book is a good read for readers of ages 7-10, but somehow I didn't find it very interesting this time around. I didn't like the abundance of pictures and I felt that a lot of events in the book were exaggerated. There is a special thing worth mentioning though - some words were changed into a rodent language. That was fun, for example- fabulous was changed into fabmouse.

Elisabetta Dami is an Italian author, and she is very adventurous. Some of her adventures include crossing Africa from north to south in an off-road vehicle and running the 100 km Sahara marathon. She is known for writing the Geronimo Stilton series.

Some time back I used to like the Stilton books , but now I don't enjoy them as much.

This was the third volume in the series, but you can read it in any order you wish to. The next book is 'Lost in Time'. I recommend this book to readers of age 7-10.

I give this book 3.7 out of 5. Had I reviewed the book when I first read it, couple of years back, I would have given it 4.2 out of 5.

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2020-12-09 11:34:09

Nice Review Divyam


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