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Keeper of the lost cities:

When my aunt (Masi) got to know that I have finished the first two books in the ‘Keeper of the lost cities’ series, she presented me with the third book in the series called ‘Keeper of the lost cities: Everblaze’. It’s genre is fantasy and there are almost 600 pages in the book. The authour of this book is Shannon Messenger. It was first published by Simon and Schuster in the year 2014.

Shannon Messenger is an American authour, known more for writing the middle grade series ‘Keeper of the Lost Cities’, which was a New York Times bestseller. She is also known for writing the Sky Fall series.

The main characters in this book are Sophie, the protagonist, Fitz, Dex, Biana and Keefe, her best friends, Black Swan, the group who made Sophie, her enemies (I won’t tell their name), Grady and Edaline, Sophie’s adoptive parents, Alden and Della, Fitz and Biana’s parents and Brant, the person who was supposed to marry Grady and Edaline’s daughter Jolie before she died.

In Messenger’s third book we see Sophie is growing stronger. The people of the Lost Cities, even more than half the Council don’t trust her because of a mistake she made which nearly started a war and she has no choice but to trust her friends. To make matters worse The Black Swan are also ignoring her calls for help. Sophie gets to know more about the enemy and she’s determined to find her kidnappers—before they come after her again. In this book, Sophie must rely on her friends and stop the rebels from destroying everyone and everything. The deeper Sophie searches, the farther the conspiracy stretches, proving that her most dangerous enemy might be closer than she realizes.

Fear and distrust lurk behind the scenes of the outwardly harmonious elf world, and it's hard to tell people's true intentions. As Sophie tries to come to terms with her new life and learn more about her origins, the Council calls on her to perform increasingly dangerous telepathic tasks. Some characters die, others live in a state of permanent insanity, and an unknown villain's pyrotechnic powers threaten to engulf the whole world in Everblaze.

Will Sophie overcome all the hurdles? Will she be able to get the trust of the people of the Lost Cities? With her independent spirit and longing to belong, Will Sophie be able to strike a chord with many teen girls?

The story is good but the book could be half as long if they left out some irrelevant teen drama which did not interest me. But like all other ‘Keeper of the Lost Cities’ books, this book had a limited action part of just 50-70 pages, and the book was of around 600 pages. As you know I have a voracious appetite for action series. My favourite part was when Sophie discovers that Brant is her kidnapper and Jolie's murderer.

I recommend this book to readers of age 9-14. The first two books in the series are ‘Keeper of the lost cities’ and ‘Keeper of the lost cities: Exile’.

I give this book 3.9 out of 5.

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