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Keeper of the lost cities: Neverseen

I am currently reading a series called ‘Keeper of the lost cities’ and I have finished reading till the fourth book. It is called ‘Neverseen’ and is about 670 pages long. It is written by Shannon Messenger and was first published by Simon and Schuster in the year 2015.

The main characters in this book are Sophie, the protagonist, Fitz, Dex, Biana and Keefe, her best friends, Fitz’s brother Alvar,Black Swan, the group who made Sophie, Mr. Forkle and some members of the Black Swan, Calla, a gnome, the Neverseen, who are the antagonists, Grady and Edaline, Sophie’s adoptive parents, Alden and Della, Fitz and Biana’s parents and Brant and Fintan, who are a part of the Neverseen.

Shannon Messenger is an American authour, known for writing the middle grade series Keeper of the Lost Cities, which was a New York Times bestseller. She is also known for writing the Sky Fall series.

Here goes the plot- Sophie Foster is on the run to join the Black Swan with her best friends from the lost cities. The Neverseen unleash a disastrous plauge which may be the end of the entire gnomish population. More secrets are uncovered as Sophie joins the Black Swan and gets to know more about the mysterious group. She and her friends must find the cure fast or there might be a war between the ogres and elves which could destroy the lost cities and kill thousands`.

The book was very nice. I liked the idea of the plauge and how it was connected with history of the gnomes and how everything was described so nicely. But I think the book was very lengthy. My favourite part was when the city of Ravagog was flooded by Sophie.

If you read this book and like it, you should read the next part called ‘Lodestar’. There are currently nine books in the series and the tenth one will come out next year.

I give this book 4 out of 5.

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