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Keeper of the lost cities

One lazy afternoon when I had nothing to do and was feeling like getting hold of a really exciting book I went to a bookshop and started looking around. I had just finished reading a book called ‘The unwanteds’ and was looking for something similar. I found a book called ‘Keeper of the lost cities’. It is written by Shannon Messenger, an American author who is famous for this series. She has also written a series called ‘Sky fall’. It was published in October 2012 by Simon and Schuster like all her other books.

The book is almost 500 pages long and its genre is fantasy. The main characters are Sophie, the protagnist, Dex, Fitz and Keefe, her friend, Alden, Fitz’s dad who helped Sophie to adjust in the new world, and Grady and Edaline, the people who adopted Sophie later on.

When I started reading the book I just could not put it down. ‘Keeper of the Lost Cities’ is a fantasy mystery and it captivated me from page one. The story revolves around Sophie Foster who has a secret which she has been trying to hide because she did not want to attract unwanted attention. She is a child genius who could read minds since she was five years old after she had bumped her head. Everyone teased and made fun of her making her feel like an outcast. But one day, she met Fitz, a boy who could also read minds. He told her there was a place where she belonged, the elf world.

Sophie is suddenly transported to the land of elves, leaving behind the world she lived and starts living in her true world where she is adopted by two people and enrolled at a school. But there are some secrets in Sophie’s mind that other people want to know due to which she is kidnapped.

Will she escape the kidnappers? Will she learn to master her powers? Who can she trust? What is the aim of a shady secret society? Are they on the side of good or evil?

The book was indeed full of intrigue, mystery and several twists and turns. The book kept me on my toes and my heart was beating rapidly with excitement wanting to see what will be revealed next. It is a wonderful tale of determination and magic and I will certainly read this book again some time. All the characters in the book are balanced, well developed and completely lovable, even the troublemakers. My favourite character is Keefe because he has a sense of humour, is helpful and he’s also a good friend. But the weakness of the book was that the antagonist’s role was very less and almost the whole story is happening in the school itself.

If you read this book and like it, I suggest reading ‘Keeper of the Lost cities: Exile’. For those looking for a similar series to read, you should read ‘The unwanteds’. I recommend this book for readers of ages 9-13.

I give this book 4.2 points out of 5 stars.

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