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Mr. Lemencello’s Library Olympics

I loved the first two books in the Lemencello series, and as soon as I got to know there was a third part, I got my hands on it. It's called 'Mr Lemencello's great library race', and its genre is adventure. The book is written by Chris Grabenstein and was first published in 2017, almost five years after its prequel. The book is nearly 300 pages long.

Let me give you a glimpse into the plot – Mr. Lemencello is hosting a new game for his board of trustees, and whoever wins gets to go on a tour to the libraries in America, and also get his latest game before it is released! The children have to find facts related to famous people all over America. But a few facts about Mr Lemencello himself come up when a woman accuses him of plagiarism. His board of trustees have to save him before time runs out and his company closes forever.

The characters in this book are Kyle Keeley, the hero, Miguel, Sierra, Andrew, his friends, Mr Lemencello, the world-famous game-maker and some members of his board of trustees, some of which are Abia, Pranav and Katherine. The antagonists are the Krinkle brothers, his rival company, and the Charles Chiltington, the child who thinks Lemencello is evil and wants to run him out of the town.

Chris Grabenstein is an American author, known for writing mystery books. He often collaborates with James Patterson to write children novels. Some books series that are written by Grabenstein are 'The John Ceepak Mysteries' and 'Christopher Miller Holiday Thrillers'.

I liked the book. It was a very gripping read, and I liked the mystery in the book. There was a lot of fact-finding also. But the chapters were very short (4-5 pages), and Mr. Lemencello’s character never makes anyone win, instead, everyone receives the prize, which I didn't like.

I recommend this book for readers of ages 8-12. The next book in this series is 'Mr Lemencello's all-star breakout game', which will be reviewed by me in a separate write-up.

I give this book 4 out of 5.

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