If I Got To Live Forever

If I got an option to live forever, I would refuse it, as it would be very boring. If I fall from a building or have an accident, I would not die but would have a lot of injuries. I would become old and would not be able to do any work. I would be all lonely without any friends or family. If World War 3 starts, I would have to see the whole, horrible thing. I would have to drink liquid as there would be no teeth left and I would be very weak. If the whole world dies out, I would be the only person left. If I am too weak I would not be able to take a bath and would smell so bad that people would stay out of my room and nobody would want to come near me. I would be 500 or maybe more years old and live in an old age home. As technology is fast taking over, I think after a few years, robots would conquer humans. They would take out my brain, cut my heart, preserve my organs etc. to understand my species and and I’ll still be alive, behaving like a crazy person. So, I choose to have a normal life, being born, I choose to die as well.

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By: suruchi gupta

2020-10-18 03:20:02

this was the first piece i have read.....i was stunned to see his imagination....keep it up my child..


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