My favourite meal when I go out to eat

I am a hardcore foodie and love to try different cuisines as often as possible. Same is the case with my family, due to which it enables us to enjoy eating out together at least once a week. Some of my favourite dishes are dosas, subway sandwiches, paneer etc. But what I like the most is a Chinese buffet meal and the dish that I relish the most is sushi. It is simply excellent and healthy. In case you don't know, sushi is like a ball which is completely flat from the top and the bottom. It is made up of rice wrapped by a sheet called a nori sheet, and you can put any vegetables and fillings you want in the centre. I call it “My little parcel of joy”.

The usual sauces that go with sushi are wasabi, galangal and soya sauce. Wasabi is a kind of sauce, which is made from the wasabi vegetable. They are little spicy and sour and have a VERY strong taste, so we should take only a pinch at a time. Taking little too much can cause a strange sensation in the nose and the head. Galangal is very similar to ginger. There are little strips of it to eat with your sushi, and I generally take 1-2 strips at a time. It is sweet and spicy in taste. Soya sauce is a juice made from soya beans and it tastes sour. So you can either dip your sushi in it or pour the juice on your sushi.

I usually go to a restaurant called 'Yum Yum Cha' because according to me, it has the best sushi in the world, but it's at least one hour away from my home. There, my favourite sushi is 'crispy cream'. It is filled with cream cheese and my parents always order it. There is also a restaurant called 'Sticky Rice' which is close to my home, but it doesn't have the best sushi rolls. I try to eat with chopsticks but I don't know the correct method of eating with them. I just try it for fun and sometimes, I even succeed!

It takes a lot of time to make sushis at home, so my mother doesn't make it much. But she made it twice during the lockdown, and they were almost as good as the ones at Yum Yum Cha. She made sushi which was filled with asparagus and avocado. I have always found eating out a pleasurable experience. But ever since my mother started trying to make these fancy dishes at home I have started appreciating home cooked food more. There are some very obvious benefits of eating at home. Firstly, it is less expensive which leads to savings. Secondly, eating home cooked food is healthier because of the quality of the ingredients and hygiene. And last but not the least it is anyday more enjoyable to have your favourite meal in the comfort of your home with your family.

No doubt, I still enjoy eating out now and then and look forward to our outings for having a meal in a restaurant but of late we have reduced it because my mother has started cooking different cuisines and because we prefer to stay at home due to the covid situation.

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