What kind of personal cars will people have in the future?

For the last few years, the air pollution level is very high and the government is trying everything they can to reduce it. Cars are one of the main causes of pollution as they emit lots of pollutants and gases which are harmful to the air making it non-breathable for humans, the main inhabitant of th planet earth.

As a first step to cleanse the air, the government is saying that within 15 years, all petrol and diesel cars will be banned and only electric cars will be used. According to me, people will have only electric cars in the future.

Electric cars are vehicles with do not operate on the burning of petrol or diesel but on electrically charged batteries. They have to be charged regularly to run, very similar to all battery operated devices, justblike our mobile phones, torches etc. This way, they do not produce smoke and are good for the air and the atmosphere.

I researched more about electric cars and I found out that the first practical electric cars were manufactured around 1880. The world's most best-selling electric car is the Tesla Model 3 with more than 5,00,000 units sold and it can be driven for approximately 500 kilometres once fully charged. Electric cars produce 40-50% less greenhouse gases than regular cars. They are also quieter and smoother than most petrol & diesel cars. Volkswagen is planning 27 electric vehicles by 2022, BMV is planing 12 by 2025, and Mercedes will also have 10 electric vehicles by 2022.

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