Words we use that we have to explain to adults

These days, we use a lot of words and slang terms that our parents don't sometimes understand. In this write-up, I have written a small list of words and their meanings (which I am telling you on my own) that we use, but our parents don't understand -

  1. Noob- A person who is not good at something or not doing some work properly. This is my favourite word, and I use it at least 50 times a day (no kidding) for my friends and parents.
  2. Yeet- To throw or launch something at a very high speed, mostly used in gaming. I also use this word a lot, just like that.
  3. GG- Short form for good game
  4. Bot- A word just like noob; used for a person who is bad at a game
  5. Poggers- A word used for celebration, or when one is happy
  6. Push(while playing video games)- To stop hiding and run forward to attack the enemy players
  7. Spam- To keep doing the same action again and again, like spamming a button, or spamming the same message
  8. Boi- Short form for the word 'boy'
  9. Ceez- Very Friendly; happy and cheerful

So, this was a list of words that I know and have to explain to my parents each time! Hope they know and learn their meaning after reading this write-up!

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