In Search of a Future

Attention everyone! Ready for lift-off. In ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, ONE. Lift-off!

This spaceship was not like any other. Brace yourselves - It had the power to go beyond the solar system. And, there is more - it held the youngest astronaut in the world. Robert was only ten and he was a genius at maths and science.

It all began four months ago. While he was sleeping, the Egyptian God of knowledge ‘Thoth’ came into his dream and granted him knowledge of all the theories in science and all the formulas of maths that mankind had developed till date. The next day in school, he outsmarted his teachers and all the experts. While everyone praised him, they were surprised beyond surprise!

Robert had always had a dream to go to outer space. Seeing his keen interest his parents had enrolled him in some workshops and it was no surprise that he turned out to be smarter than people in college, even the professors! The word got around and soon Robert was invited to work on some projects at the NASA. Not surprisingly he did amazing work there too and they started training him to become an astronaut.

What people took months to learn and work on, Robert finished in hours, There was no stopping him. NASA was hugely impressed with him and gave him a chance to be the part of their biggest project ever, the light weight-fast travelling- long distance-heat resistent-spaceship 1 or LWFTLDTHRS-1 for short. Robert trained hard and passed all the tests. He went on to meet the head of NASA who explained the deal to him. NASA had created this spaceship to reach and explore a planet which they had discovered just outside the solar system and was expected to have water. Robert was super excited to be the part of the biggest project humankind had undertaken. This was going to make history!

Linda and Roger, Robert’s parents knew they had a very special and gifted child in Robert. On the D-day, Linda and Roger dropped him at the rocket site. Lift -off was just a few hours away. An emotional Linda gave Robert several sloppy kisses while Roger shook his hand and wished him luck.

Robert went inside the main building, where the scientists helped him to put on his spacesuit and other gear. They led him to the spaceship with four more astronauts. It was a team of five, all friends by now as they had spent too much time together. After some final checks and pep talks, the astronauhts were left by themselves in the spaceship. After half an hour the final countdown started, whoooosh! The spaceship was off. Everybody in the control room applauded and wished them well.

Robert was very excited. After a few minutes the sound system of the spaceship announced, “We are about to enter the orbit”. Robert rushed to the window to see the view. He glued his face to the window and saw all the beautiful space rocks, planets, stars, space dust and the Earth. He was very happy. The journey had begun and begun well. The five astronauts hoped they would be able to carry out the exploration mission well and return safe and sound to earth.

After what seemed like a long wait to the astronaughts LWFTLDTHRS-1 announced the big news. It was about to exit the solar system. No one on earth had expected the space ship to exit the solar system so soon. After ten more days, they received a message that said that they were about to reach the new planet in a matter of few hours. Everyone were very happy as things were going well and Robert, despite being the youngest, decided to be fully awake and ready for the landing. All astronauts started preprations in full swing. Finally the moment arrived. Attention! landing in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Landed! with a loud deafening noise, the spaceship landed on the new planet.

The astronauts got out and started congratulating Robert as he was the youngest person to go out of the solar system. Robert was esctatic. Not only had he travelled into space he had tarvelled out of the solar system, what a feat!

The astronauts used drones to take pictures and started walking around to explore the new planet. The planet’s ground was orange in colour. It also had gravity, but it was low. Robert was enjoying jumping very high without even trying. The sky was full of stars.

Everyone was running around to find water, after all that was their mission. Robert was searching with Tim, his best friend in this team of astronauts. Suddenly, they saw something glitter a little distance away. They rushed there and found crytal clear sparkling water in a big water body resembling a lake on earth.

Both of them took sips and found it to be cooler and cleaner than Earth’s. They sent a signal to the rest of the team and everyone arrived there to taste the wonderful water of the new planet. Robert was given the task of giving a name to the water of this planet. Robert wanted to keep it simple and decided to call it ‘New Water’. Soon five glistening bottles came out of the astronauts suits and all of them collected the new water in their bottles.

They searched further and found more water bodies, all with good clear water. The mission was over and successful. They soon started their journey back to earth and arrived safely to a warm and grand welcome.

Tim was very tired and immediately went to sleep. Thoth appeared in his dream, and told him something which was very astonishing. Thoth told Tim that the planet which they had just visited was his planet. He wanted the people of Earth to live on that planet. So he made discovery of the planet possible for NASA and created Robert with all those amazing powers so that people of the earth and people of his planet could live together as one people and in peace. Wow! Tim got up with a start and ran out of his room to find Robert. Robert was still on the stage accepting appreciation and congratulations. Robert just didn’t seem to get tired ever. Tim waved at Robert and Robert waved back with the naughtiest wink. Tim gasped, the face on Robert was the face of Thoth, Robert was Thoth!

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By: Sakshi

2020-10-18 06:23:21

Absolutely amazing....grt going Divyam...


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