The Crazy Robot

Once there was a boy named Daksh. If there was one thing Daksh hated, it was shopping. But as luck would have it, but his mother just loved it. They often went for shopping at least once a week. Every time his mother said, “Daaa….kshhhh time to go for shopping, c’mon, lets go”, he’d start crying or throwing a tantrum or making lame excuses. His mother knew all this nakhra too well and would drag him along nonetheless.

One day, a bright idea struck the very scientific brain of Daksh as they returned home after visiting a mall where a rorbotics display had been set up.

Daksh went to his room and locked himself in, requesting all at home not to disturb him as he was working on an important science project. He had already thought of a solution to the problem of going shopping with his mother. He spoke out his brilliant idea loudly as if he was talking to an audience, “I am going to create a shopping robot”.

He smiled and set out to work on his robot. He worked very hard in all the free time he got between school, homework, shopping trips and other unavoidable engagements. Finally his robot was ready in 7 months and 2 days, Daksh gave it the name – ‘MSP01’ short form for ‘Mummy’s Shopping Partner – Version 01’. There was one small problem though, it couldn’t walk.

Daksh started work again, the problem had to be fixed – as hard work always bears sweet fruits, the problem was fixed it in 3 months 15 days 15 mins and 43 seconds. Sadly, one smaller problem cropped up now, ‘MSP01’ couldn’t talk. Now it took Daksh 2 months 22 days 19 seconds and 80 milliseconds to fix it. Finally it was perfect. ‘MSP01’ was ready to rid Daksh of the miserable task of shopping.

For some time, mother didn’t need anything and did not go for shopping. But one day, a shopping list appeared - the things that were to be bought were 2 packets of oreo biscuits, one small bottle of hair oil and a toy car. Simple! And easy! Specially for ‘MSP01’

‘MSP01’ went shopping while Daksh sat watching his favourite cartoons. ‘MSP01’ returned as fast as he had left. Daksh opened the shopping bag excitedly - but what does he see? His fantastic robot had brought 2 packets of dog biscuits, one bottle of cooking oil and no toy car.

‘MSP01’ quickly said, “ You didn’t tell me which company’s car should I buy and anyways the money was not enough for a car.” Daksh became very angry, so angry that he immediately dismantled the robot. Then he made a song called ‘1 year 3 months 9 days 16 mins 2 seconds 80 milliseconds’ of my life wasted on a robot and uploaded it on ‘youtube’. Daksh hoped that his song would become popular on youtube as there were only two things he liked to do, science experiments and make songs. If not a scientist he could become a song writer and singer!

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