Why did Chicken Cross the Road

Hi! I am agent Divyam, but my codename is AN-2. I am great at my job and that is why I am assigned the job to find out why did chicken cross the road? For many millenia this mystery has puzzled millions and zillions of people. I guess the greatest agent of all times, Me, is present here on planet earth now, and people are waiting excitedly, so let’s solve the mystery for once and for all.

You must be saying that he crossed the road to get to the other side, but the answer is not as easy as it seems. How I wish it were!

I went to the road which chicken had crossed. It was a very busy road as there was a supermarket near the road. I couldn’t find the chicken though. I looked around and soon spotted some muddy tracks. I followed them and they led me to a deserted house across the road.

Our chicken is no simple chicken, he would have known the existence of this house and also the fact that people have been trying to solve the mystery of him crossing the road for eons. He must have planned well, erasing all the evidence. He indeed had, as I learned this soon!

I searched the house from top to bottm but couldn’t find any muddy tracks or clues. The chicken must have entered, washed his feet and dried them properly. He either walked out of the house or flew out of it. It was an advantage he had on his side, he could move in two ways, walk and fly, whereas my movement was through walk only. Never mind, Mr. Chicken, I will get you.

I went out through the back door, lo and behold! what do I see! blood spots, here and there, in soft sand. Also a big bin in a corner. As there is absolutely nothing else here and nowhere else to look, I looked inside the bin and saw a dead body. Oh no! The chicken must be a killer, a murderer. I searched my pockets, my knives and other tools were intact in case a need arose.

Suddenly, I heard lot of unpleasant noise coming from a nearby park. I ran towards it immediately. The park seemed full of fallen, wounded, crying and shreiking bodies lying all around. The fugitive, our chicken was standing amongst them dancing with joy- he seemed to be enjoying the ugly spectacle, a sadist, a hard-core criminal. Mr. chicken was a killer and had crossed the road to come to the park full of people to play the bloody game of – ‘I will kill you, save youself if you can’. He was of humumgous size and took advantage of that. People always thought that it was an imposter dressed as a chicken and did not know whom to complain against! I arrested him and took him to the police station where he would spend the rest of his life. I guess.

This was the story of why chicken crossed the road. As for me, I am now on a quest to solve more mysteries, mysteries that common agents from, CIA, FBI, KGB etc can’t solve. I think I will look at the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ soon, as soon as I can afford the airplane ticket!

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