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The Haunted Museum: The Pearl Earring

This is the book review of my least favourite book which is The Haunted Museum: The Pearl Earring. It is a horror story which is one of the reasons I didn’t like it. It is a 208 pages long book and was published in 2014 by Scholastic. The author of this book is Suzzane Weyn.

This is the 3rd book in the Haunted Museum series – the message being – ‘You truly should listen when they say that you should not touch anything in the museum’. This was a well written book that is a very quick read. Readers fond of horror stories will feel not stop reading the book to see where it would lead and the author will not disappoint them.

Lily is spending her holidays at her aunt’s house. One day they went to a museum and Lily accidentally touched a painting and let’s lose ghosts unknowingly. They haunt her at the night. Realizing what happened Lilly gets curious and wants to find out the history of the painting. She learnt about a woman who made paintings of girls and all the girls seem to have disappeared. The question she asks herself is “where are the disappeared girls”. She could see tears on the portraits, dreams about the girls in the pictures - what could it mean?

In order to get to the bottom of the mystery, Lily decides to have her portrait painted by Daniella Artel, an alleged descendant of the artist of the haunted portraits from the museum. Something isn't quite right about Daniella, but Lily sticks with the sitting in the hopes that she will discover what is torturing the girls whose ghosts are haunting Lily. And finally, when her portrait is made the woman vanishes her legs!! How will she escape? She realizes that the mystery is wrapped up with Daniella Artel and her mysterious pair of pearl earrings…

Not my favorite scary book for kids, but I'm sure it will appeal to kids looking for scary stories. The reading level isn't too advanced and none of the scenarios are too horrific - I'd give this to kids as young as third grade, and it would also be appropriate for older kids only if they enjoy ghost stories.

Suzanne Weyn is an American author and she primarily writes children's science fiction and fantasy novels. Though she has written over fifty novels and short stories, she is best known for The Bar Code Tattoo, Invisible World and Bar Code Rebellion. She specializes in writing horror stories. I found the book was very boring because the ghosts were not evil. In fact, they were helping Lily. And another reason why I did not like the book was because it had very few characters. Last but not the least in the book Lily is an aspiring model, so she's into very girly things which I did not like.

I recommend this book ONLY AND ONLY for readers who like horror stories of age 10 -13. There are five books in the series but you can read anyone first, meaning you can read the books in any order.

I give this book 2 out of 5.

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