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The Land of Roar

If I do not read a fantasy book for more than two weeks I get restless. So, when my friend told me he had a book called ‘The Land of Roar’ I immediatley borrowed it from him for the weekend. This book was first published in the year 2019 by Egmont UK Ltd. It is almost a 300 page long book. The author of this book is Jenny McLachlan and it is illustrated by Bob Mantle.

Jenny McLachlan is a British author who has written around 15 books. She has been an English teacher, which encouraged her to write some books. Her first book is ‘Flirty Dancing’.

The main characters in this book are Arthur and Rose, the protagonists & their Grandpa, Arthur’s friend - imaginary Wininja, some kind of a mix of a crow and scarecrow Crowky - the antagonist & a group called the lost girls and finally two pet dragons. When Arthur and Rose were little, they used to play a game called Roar in which they would go inside a folding bed in their Grandad’s attic and on the other side they would find the land of Roar with creatures they loved, like dragons, mermaids, ninja wizards and have their adventures. They also found things that scared them like a very creepy scarecrow. They were the heroes of Roar, a magical world they invented where the wildest creations of their imaginations roamed.

After some years the twins are eleven years old and Roar is just a distant memory. One day when Arthur was clearing the attic, he found the bed again. He is horrified when his Grandpa crawls inside it but doesn’t come out. Was he playing a joke? Or was the land of Roar real?

When their grandfather is whisked away into the land of Roar by the villain who still haunts their nightmares, Arthur and Rose must go back to the world they had almost left behind. It almost appeared like the land of Roar had not forgotten them and had wanted to get them back here. And when they get there, they discover that Grandad isn’t the only one who needs their help. The book was interesting and captivating. I liked how it tells us to always believe in ourselves and the power of the childhood imagination, the love of family and the magic, we all risk losing as we grow up. The illustrations are also very good. The whole story is all imaginary and almost nothing is real. I think I would read it sometime again in the future. I particularly liked the final part in which Crowky and Arthur were fighting. This exciting, action-packed book will be thoroughly enjoyed by readers who’ve always dreamt of exploring magical worlds like Narnia and Neverland.

I do think the book was a little similar to Narnia. The book’s sequel would come out this year, which is ‘The return to Roar’.

I give this book 3.9 out of 5.

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