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The Land of stories: A Grimm Warning

The Grimms fairtales have always been my alltime favourit and to now to be presented with an Chris Colfer’s The Land of stories: A Grimm Warning is sheer delight. This is his third book in the magical series The Land of Stories. After having read the first two parts, I was excited to buy the third part because I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books. It’s genre is fairy tale fantasy and the book is almost 500 pages long. It was first published in the year 2014 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

Chris Colfer is an American actor, singer, and author. He is just 30 years old. His first book was ‘Struck by lightning’ and ‘The Land of Stories’ series is one of his most notable works. He mostly writes books on fairy tales. The main characters of this book are the protagonists Alex and Conner Bailey, Mother Goose, Jack, Goldilocks, their friends, Fairy Godmother, their grandmother, Bree, Conner’s classmate, Emmerich, a boy who ran off with him, the Masked Man, a mysterious person, the Grande Armée, Napoleon’s army led by the ambitious General Marquis, members of the Fairy council, Rook, Alex’s friend and the monarchs of the Fairy Tale world. Plus every child’s favourit the vivacious Red Riding Hood and Little Bo Peep. What struck me most is the skill with which Colfer incorporates the old favourites into the story and introduces some new interesting original characters; all in perfect harmony with each other.

In this fairy tale adventure, the portals between the Fairy Tale world and the Otherworld have been closed. Alex is in Fairy Tale world training to be the next Fairy Godmother; while Conner is living in the Otherworld. He is waiting excitedly for his German trip for a reading session of lost stories of the Brothers Grimm that were recently found in a time capsule. Conner realizes that one of the stories is actually a secret message and a warning for the Land of Stories. He sets out across Germany to crack a 200-year old code left by the world’s most famous storytellers. Bree also insists on going along with him. He must race through time and across dimensions to warn his twin sister Alex that the Fairy Kingdom is in grave danger. Now it is upto the twins to save the world from being destroyed. When all seems to point towards disaster for the Land of Stories, Conner and Alex must join forces with their friends and enemies to save the day.

But are they prepared for the ensuing battle and will they be able to bring the two worlds together?

I loved the book because it was full of surprises, suspense and was perfect for all fairy tale lovers. I liked that there were many characters and the fight sequence were exciting and full of fun but they only lasted for 100 pages or so. I wish the action parts would have been a little longer. My favourite part was when it was revealed who the Masked Man was.

The key message that stands out to me in the book is that one must believe in their capabilities. In the words of the fairy “Don’t think you’re not worth celebrating” is a powerful message for all those suffering from low confidence in themselves.

I recommend this book for ages 9 - 13. If you enjoy reading this book, read the next book in the series, that is ‘The land of stories: Beyond the kingdoms’.

I give this book 4 out of 5.

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By: Meenu Jain

2020-10-18 06:10:22

Dear Divyam Your reviews on The Land of Stories series completely blew me away.Your writing is beautiful. It will definitely inspire many to read this series .I look forward to reading your other works. Great Job. Keep writing.

By: Priyanka Goel

2020-10-19 23:32:25

Dear Divyam...boy you have expressed yourself so truly are an inspiration for other of luck champ

By: Aftab

2020-11-01 13:24:00



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