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The brilliant world of Tom Gates

Comedy, comedy, comedy the word seemed to be stuck in my mind. And, the day came when, I was in a bookshop near my home searching for a short comedy book to take a rest from my usual favourite reads – longish novels. The helpfu bookstore keeper recommended that I read Tom Gates and handed me the book. I sampled a few pages, and I found it to be nice so I purchased it. It is written by Liz Pichon and was first published the year 2011. Its genre is a comedy, as I told you, and the book is about 250 pages long, with some pages filled with images and some containing text with different sizes.

Liz Pinchon is a British author, known for writing the Tom Gates series which have been translated in over 43 languages and have sold more than 8 million copies! Some other books by her are 'Penguins' and 'Shoe Wars'. She has also illustrated some books like 'Spindrella', 'Beautiful Bananas', 'Red Riding Hood and the Sweet Little Wolf'.

The main characters in this book are Tom Gates, the main character, Delia, his sister whom he dislikes, Derek, his best friend, Mr Fullerman, his class teacher, Marcus, the child whom Tom dislikes, Amy, the girl whom he likes, Tom's family and a band called 'The Dudes'.

This book is all about Tom's school life, his school incidents and family outings. It is also a kind of a comic book as sometimes the characters have speech bubbles, and a lot of things are explained by pictures. In the book, Tom is in grade 5. He loves to hang out with his buddy Derek and eat wafers. They both love a band called 'The Dudes', so they try to persuade their parents to take them to a concert. Meanwhile, he hates his sibling Delia and a boy called Marcus. He wants to sit at the back of the class so he can make comics and avoid his teacher's 'Beady eyes'.

The book is interesting, as it always has something happening. I also liked the idea of Mr Fullerman's beady eyes. But some things were very stupid and messy. And I also found some things to be very weird.

This book is recommended for readers of age 7-10. There are a lot of books in the series, 23 to be precise, but they are different stories and do not follow any sequence. You can read them in any order.

I give this book 3.8 out of 5.

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2020-12-04 12:50:14

The brilliant world of Tom Gates


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